Tinkercad – In browser CAD software


Where is the time that CAD software used to run on huge workstations and autoCAD books were meters thick? Today each category of software has been ported to run inside your web browser. So has the CAD software, in the form of TinkerCAD. And it’s actually pretty good!

Tinkercad uses best of both worlds, the precise modelling of regular CAD software, combined with the easy of use of other 3D software such as Google’s Sketchup. Since it works from within your browser, even more people are able to work with this program. To quickly introduce people to 3D modelling, TinkerCAD has created a variety of quests to complete.

TinkerCad screenshot


  • Works in modern web browsers without plugins, making full use of webGL
  • Great user experience, intuïtive controls
  • Direct links with major 3D print services


  • When storing more than 5 models on your account, a monthly fee has to be paid
  • No curve tools, only support for imported SVG and STL