Why you would want Google’s Nexus tablet

With Google announcing it’s very own tablet (designed and produced in cooperation with ASUS), one might ask if they’re not making the market for Android devices even more complex. By becoming a hardware seller, Google will compete directly with a whole bunch of other companies, using the exact same software. On the other hand, these other companies have had plenty of time to design the perfect mobile phone and tablet running on Android. The excitement around Google’s tablet only proves that these other companies haven’t been convincing in their attempts to design a tablet that people actually WANT to have. Something that especially the NEXUS brand has been successful at.

Take a look at Google’s tablet and tell me you don’t want one with a straight face. If you succeed, continue reading and try it again when you’re finished, you will fail.

Google Nexus Tablet

The Price

With it’s price starting at $199 for US customers, this tablet is worth is money more than any other tablet currently on sale. I can imagine Google selling this device (far) under the manufacturing price, since it isn’t that much about making money out of the sales. The market is more and more shifting towards digital products, and to facilitate this process and to make sure the tablet market doesn’t get more fragmented than it is now, Google had to come with a strong proposal; a cheap tablet for everyone, running the latest software.

The Size

Compared to the iPad, 7 inch might be a strange size for a tablet, but think about it; It’s larger than a phone, but it’s still manageable to take it with you. A smaller tablet also has another advantage;  a smaller screen consumes less power and can therefore have a  longer battery life than a bigger one.

Pure Android beauty

Google Nexus products have an advantage over Android products made by HTC or Samsung; they are the first to profit from new updates in the Android core and therefore the most pure Android experience one can have. If you like regular updates and being an early adaptor of new Android version, then the Google Nexus tablet is an interesting device to have. You’ll receive more updates than other tablet Brands (HTC, Samsung..) and it will run on the stock android only, meaning it provides you with purest Android experience possible. The tablet ships with Android Jelly Bean (version 4.1 ), which is capable of awesome things like the following:


The bigger picture

As stated earlier, this device has the potential to change the tablet market. It’s much easier for Google to push new Android features onto their own device without delays and wishes of other manufacturers. Google Play will quickly evolve into the multimedia superstore they had in mind. Next to this, the Google Nexus will probably become a popular testing device; for Google at first, but for other developers later. These companies notice how early adopters flock towards the  Nexus tablet and will start developing their software with this device on top of their list. Slowly this tablet will become the Android example of how things are done.

So all in all, it’s a pretty smart move from Google to get involved in the hardware creation. With the Nexus tablet, basically everyone has access to the newest features. On top of this, Google polishes Android’s image by showing it’s not only an OS for cheap brandless electronics from a not further specified Asian country. In fact, the Nexus brand is the best Android based product line I have seen so far.

But first, people should be able to get that thing out of the box!