Get 5GB extra free space at Dropbox

Hi all, Today I would like to share a useful tip with you to easily get 5 Gigabytes of extra free space on your Dropbox account! If you start out with 2Gb, you can end up having 7Gb. But if you already have more, earned by the various other assignments you can do to get more free space.

Dropbox rewards users who participate in beta testing new features. This topic on the dropbox forum seeks users who want to test the new photo upload feature. It involves uploading a large amount of pictures(5 GigaBytes) using the photo upload feature. For each uploaded 500Mb, you get 500Mb Extra storage space! You can delete all the uploaded photos later, and use the extra space for everything else you want to save in the cloud 😉

To use the photo upload feature on Windows, just insert any SD card you have used in combination with a digital camera, and the following autoplay window appears:

If this feature doesn’t work, make sure you’re pictures you want to upload are placed in a folder called DCIM.

Download beta dropbox 1.3.13 version for Windows

As a student you can receive even more space! Just go to and register your student email address. You can then add 500 Mb extra to your current dropBox accout (which doesn’t have to be the student account).