Great piece of software: F.lux

For these moments when you just don’t want to stop working, even when it’s already midnight. You start getting a slightly burned feeling behind your eyes, and when the night progresses, this feeling get’s even worse. When you finally decide to go asleep, the only thing you can still see when staring at your cealing, is a bright spot, where once was your computer screen.

f.lux can help you with this problem! You can still work late, so the late┬ánight inspiration will not get lost. Instead, f.lux software ensures you that your eyes will get enough rest, so when you decide to go to bed, you will not feel like you’ve stared into the sun for hours. f.lux achieves this by changing your screens temperature according to the amount of sunlight. This means during the day your screen will be bright (like the sun), but as the sun goes down, your screen will change temperature into a more relaxed, warm tint. This reduces eye strain, and enables you to sleep well at night.

If you’re interested, go to their website now, it’s free!

F.lux Website