GetJar – A legal marketplace to get paid apps for free?

I only know getjar from a few years back. From getjar I could download .jar (java archive) files, quite like the “apps” we have these days, but then more complicated and fragmented 😉 Apparently, getjar hasn’t died, but still offers apps, but then for smartphones we all have now. The strange thing is, GetJar is giving away paid apps for FREE, and actually pays the developers of these apps for each download! I can only imagine getjar has a big bag of money from which it is able to pay the developers. Getjar states otherwise, and says it is able to pay the developers from the revenue generated trough the advertisements. Well I can only encourage what they are doing, because I now have access to the following apps, for free!

Swiftkey X

Swiftkey is the most professional keyboard replacement app for Android. It has downloadable dictionaries for lots of languages, auto learning from text messages, and lots of other cool features!

Beautiful Widgets

If you are in need of a nice set of widgets to decorate your home screen, look no further. These widgets are really nice, and via Getjar, you can get them for free 🙂