Flash Player 11 is here! 3D gaming in the browser taken seriously

And while everyone thought Flash was dying, Adobe proves it is still the best framework for designing, developing and distributing interactive media across the web. With this new version, they finally show that 3D gaming in the browser is possible, and even with really good quality! To convince people that Flash is ‘back in the game’ with this new version, lots of demos have appeared online. I have tried to list the best ones here. To view any of these demo’s, you will of course need the newest flash player.


Yellow Planet

A fun game demonstrating the 3D capabilities and new gameplay possibilities of Flash 11

Zombie Tycoon

Zombie Tycoon screenshot

Also a tech demo, but it actually feels like a game 🙂 This seems to be the kind of game that will benefit a lot from the new Flash version. A casual game which is not too difficult, and can easily be played (and clicked away if it gets to difficult)

Play Zombie Tycoon

Max Racer

Max Racer screenshot

What is a new technology without a racing game, showing of all the nice reflections on the car? Max Racer is this show-off game for the alternativa3D 8 engine. A nice thing about the game is that the user can actually choose the quality of the game, and therefore the size of the package, depending on how much bandwidth it has available. This might be a future problem for Flash 11, since 3D models significantly increase the size of a flash file, and therefore the time it takes to load a game.

Play Max Racer


Tanki Screenshot

Another Tech Demo from the alternativa engine.

Play Tanki

Unreal Engine in Flash

This is not a playable demo yet, but the creators of the Unreal Engine have announced a port of this popular engine to Flash. They also claim that this port comes with almost no loss of quality compared to other platforms, but I’ll have to see about that…


Babylon Cubes

EvoFlash masterpiece “Babylon Cubes” is an animation completely coded in Flash. You can watch the video of the animation below