Rainmeter Skin: Daily Quote

In my attempt to make my desktop more inspirational and usable, I discovered Rainmeter, a system for adding widgets to your desktop, and also to develop your own easily. What I have seen so far from RainMeter did not excite me about the system though. For example, the screenshot below:

RainMeter Skin example, Dark Eve by ~crucafix

The desktop is cluttered with widgets and information, while the user probably wont use most of the information displayed. The nice thing about rainmeter is, that it can be used as shown above, but it can also be used to just display one widget, which is actually helpful for the user. This is my focus with the widget I designed, The Daily Quote widget, for your daily inspiration

Screenshot Daily Quote Skin

Screenshot Daily Quote Skin

Installation Instructions

So, what do you need to have this nice little widget inspire you every day with famous quotes? First of all, you need the RainMeter software, which you can get here. When you install this, it might include another theme (a collection of ‘widgets’) and this might appear at your desktop. I f youre only interested in my widget, then I suggest you disable this skin, and continue reading.

Rainmeter collects custom skins in a directory called Rainmeter (in your Documents folder), so this is were you need to place my custom skin. It is included in a Zip file, which you can Download Here. In this zip file is only a .ini file (the skin) and a screenshot.