Open-Source Laser Cutter: LaserSaur

I want to share another kickstarter-based project with you. This time it’s about a laser cutter! NY-based northd is working on the Lasersaur, a completely open-source high performance (100W) laser cutter, which you can recreate yourself, if you have the right parts of course. The motivation from the project comes from the personal fabrication movement; people being able to produce and design whatever they need with powerful machinery at their fingertips. Another requirement for the project was trying to produce a laser cutter which would cost less than the usual 30K dollars or more.

At least the kickstarter project worked out for them; they managed to get $20,019 from 260 backers! With this money they have already made quite some progress, as you can see on their official website. At this moment, the project is 88% complete! There is still one hoop to jump trough though, before you can fabricate your own laser cutter. The parts required are still quite expensive, so you might not need the 30000$ for a commercial machine, but as the Bill of Materials states, it will still cost you 4000$.

And just as every open source hardware project, this project also uses an Arduino to control everything. What should we do without it….