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Managing a music collection in the digital age


This post is about music. Every day, a new startup founder thinks it’s time to “disrupt” the music industry with fancy new business models. But the truth is, there are more than enough music related startups, but there’s still no...


Categorizing music in Spotify


Just like everybody else, I’m a huge fan of Spotify. The way we have access to literally millions of songs from our laptops, pcs and smartphones is unimaginable. But I didn’t write this post to promote Spotify; I’m writing this...


Spotify Playlist: The ‘Getting things done’ playlist


I’d like to share with you a playlist I have created over the past few weeks. I’ve called it the “Getting things done” playlist, but you could also describe it as the Powerr! Playlist. Descriptional keywords are: Loud, Uptempo and...