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Categorizing music in Spotify 0


Just like everybody else, I’m a huge fan of Spotify. The way we have access to literally millions of songs from our laptops, pcs and smartphones is unimaginable. But I didn’t write this post to promote Spotify; I’m writing this...


Spotify Playlist: The ‘Getting things done’ playlist 0


I’d like to share with you a playlist I have created over the past few weeks. I’ve called it the “Getting things done” playlist, but you could also describe it as the Powerr! Playlist. Descriptional keywords are: Loud, Uptempo and...


Music: What does 2012 bring us? 0


The first month of 2012 is almost over, which means it’s time to look forward to what the rest of the year will brings us, based on what I have seen so far. Frankly, the forecasts (music-wise) are actually pretty...


New Music #2 0


I have put together some new hits that have been hitting the internet lately. As far as trends are concerned; singer-songwriters are still doing great business, with catchy lyrics. You recognize one of these hits when it gets remixed; especially...


Justice – Newlands 0


So far the best track I have heard from the new Justice album. I’m not sure where all these tracks are coming from, but if they keep leaking like this, there will be nothing left when the album officially releases...


Wolfgang Gartner – Cognitive Dissonance 0


To celebrate the new Wolfgang Gartner album “Weekend in America” (release date: 20th of September) a teaser track has been released called Cognitive Dissonance. The track has a nice beat (as expected), but another observation is that harmonically it feels...


No Ceremony – Hurt Love 0


Catchy sample, and and addicting piano tune, what do you want more?.. The song is also available as a free download from the official website


Gotyo – Somebody that I used to know 0


The music blog fromgotowhoa found this early version of Gotyo’s newest single, for which Kimbra provided additional vocals. The album Making Mirros is already out by now, but I still want to to share this song with you, since it...